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Hi! I'm Adam and a massive congratulations on planning your big day!

You must of been sent here by one of my Facebook posts. If not and you somehow got here by magic then here's some links to my social media pages. Facebook Instagram.

This page is mainly to help you find your perfect wedding photographer. Also to let you know a little more about me and the way I can make your day memorable forever. 


Want to know more?


You can message me on my social media pages or send me an email right here. I will reply to any questions or concerns you may have, even what my favourite drink is.... (It's an ice cold Stella!) So classy I know.

Or you can continue reading to learn more about me and your big day!

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Rule No 1

Most important! Get to know your Photographer!

This should be the first thing you look out for. How do you get on with your photographer? This is why I recommend an in person consultation. If you don't gel with your photographer then don't choose them. You spend a good amount of time with him or her on your big day and if you don't have a natural connection this may show in your images. Make sure you can have a laugh, trust and connect with the chosen person.


Rule No 2

Don't just choose your photographer because of the amazing images they share.

I like to be completely honest with all of my couples. Some photographers only share what they want you to see. Styled shoots, Images of models, sometimes not even real weddings are on their websites. 

Look out for this you want to see example images of what you could get from your big day. 


Rule No 3

Love their style!

Every Photographer is unique. From the way they shoot, their personality and the way they edit your images. Some take the documentary approach, some like to pose and structure their shots. Some edit dark and moody some edit light and airy. There is so many different variables make sure they are perfect for you! 

Moat house wedding, ACP Photography, Staffordshire wedding
Wedding Photographer Crewe Hall

Why Choose me?

Time to blow my own trumpet!

This is not a sales pitch... well it sort of is.

I love shooting weddings. The people, the emotions, the great feeling of achievement when I take an amazing shot. Oh and the great food! 

Remember rule no 3? Well my style is somewhat a mixture of it all. I love to watch all the emotions happen naturally. I will blend in with your guests and capture all those candid shots. When needed I may direct people into a certain position but I will capture the natural smiles and laughter when I say something outrageously funny! 


I edit my images using my own Wedding Presets which are ever so slightly on the dark and moody side but with a unique twist of rich colours and contrast. 

Choose me as your wedding photographer and I will guarantee 3 things. You will have a fun and relaxed wedding day, you will get amazing images to cherish forever and at some point I will be lay on the floor to get an amazing shot of you! 

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