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One Package

Consistent Perfection

Full day Photography


I offer only one Package.


No Fancy names, no bronze, silver, gold, platinum, premium platinum, platinum plus, 


All these packages can become confusing and sometimes frustrating to people. Planning a wedding can be stressful and I do not want to make things worse by giving you a thousand options.



So... What do you get?

To start with you get me! A professional Wedding photographer who wants the best for you! I want your day to run as smooth as possible, and the work can start as early as the day you book me. If I have not been to your Venue before I will take a trip to your Venue months before your big day, I will scout out the best places possible, test lighting and maybe sample the food! These small but crucial tasks will allow me to plan your day well in advance so I don't have to keep you from your guests.  

What do I cover?

I will be with you from the very beginning until the near end. I cover from Bridal prep till the evening party, after the first dance! Chances are that by this point you and your guests will be partying the night away! This is one of my favourite parts of the day. If there are people up and dancing, I will be there snapping!  

gallacher ALBUM-539.JPG

How do you get your images?

Password protected online gallery with all images available to download to mobile devices at full resolution. 

Alternative options!

I truly believe that to enjoy the full potential and clarity of an image you need to have it printed! This is why I offer multiple collections for you to choose from!

Photo book with printed cover wrap cover


Products are provided from only one single source the largest printing lab in Europe!

Photo Album layflat wedding photography

Less is More

Simplistic designs giving the viewer an amazing experience!

Dreambook 4k box highest quality acrylic

In their words

Proud manufacturer of the finest quality photo albums and photo products for Photographers

To discuss prints available or  general wedding chat! 

If you would like to see available products click the link below and we can arrange a chat. We can meet at a destination of your choice, My house, your house or a local Coffee shop.


Click the link below and we can get things started! 



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