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  • How would you describe your style?
    My style is 95% Documentary and 5% posed. If any photographer tells you that they will never pose you and everything will be natural they are telling you lies! I personally like to set up the moment and then capture the natural emotions in that moment. For Example: When the bridal party or father of the bride is seeing you in your wedding dress for the first time. I will place you in the room so that it will make the best image possible. Lots of factors come into this. Lighting, the background and more. So, this is me setting up the “Moment”. I then let the natural emotions happen. As for my editing style I am very so slightly on the dark and moody side but with a twist of vibrant and rich colours. I use my own made preset’s when editing. They are unique and unlike anyone else. You can check out how little I will pose you with my free simple posing guide.
  • What would happen if your camera broke on our wedding day?
    All Photographers should have a back up. I have 2 camers which have 2 memory card slots. One card slot that is used as a backup incase the other card breaks. I also have multiple lenses, lighting equipment, flashes, batteries and memory cards. It is a very rare occurance and I am yet to have any malfunctions with my equipment (touch wood) Even if for some reason all of my equipment decided to break I have Photographer buddies that would lend me a camera in an emergency. I will leave nothing to chance on your big day.
  • Should I have a second shooter?
    I gain absolutley nothing when someone hires a second shooter apart from an extra 1000 images to go through and edit. What I charge for a second shooter goes straight to them. So why would I recommend a second shooter? They can capture so much more on your wedding day. Different angles, more emotions, they capture those moments that you dont see on your wedding day. They can also make the day run smoother. For one they are an extra body. Believe it or not on your wedding day I pride myself in not just being your photographer. I see myself as your PA for the day. There is never a job to big or small that I would not do for my wedding couples and that goes for my second shooter too. If you need one of us to run down to reception to get a bottle of bubbly, WE WILL! If you need one of us to fix your veil, WE WILL! If you need one of us dance with your husband because hes too drunk, WE WILL!! So in short terms YES! You should have a second shooter.
  • Are you insured?
    YES! I have full, Professional insurance. This covers every part of my photography services.
  • How long after the wedding will the photographs be ready?
    The average time for most wedding photographers is 6-8 weeks. I do state this as a matter of causion but you will usually get your images much sooner. You will get sample images within 1 week to share with family and friends.
  • Can we meet you before our wedding day?
    I always recommend an in person or at least video chat before booking me as your photographer. Once you are booked in with me I would again want an in person meeting or video chat 3 months before your big day to go through the final details.
  • What time do you leave?
    On average I stay 2 hours after the first dance. I love the party, I will be up close dancing with your guests to take photos of what you may not remember in the morning.
  • Do you require food at our wedding?
    I would not say no if you offered me some kind of hot meal whilst I am working on your Wedding day. Sometimes a Wedding day can last over 12 hours as I am with your from the very beginning to the near end. I would greatly apreciate any kind of food on your wedding day. I don't expect a 3 course meal just a little something to keep my energy up!
  • How much editing do you do to our wedding photos?
    I am pretty handy when it comes to the editing side of things. However I try to leave the image as natural as possible apart from colour corrections with my own made presets and cropping. You have spent time and money investing in what you want your wedding to look like. I take time when taking an image. I ensure lighting is on point and I shoot at angles that are most flattering. I do take a little time removing distracting things in an image but only when necessary. You will look amazing on your wedding day!!
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