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What are you paying for when booking your Wedding Photographer?

Some may ask "Why am I paying so much for my Wedding Photographer"?

Lets start with the basic's and its not 'Whats in the Bag' although this does play a big part in why you pay so much for your Wedding Photographer I would say it is almost the least important.

1. Their artistic eye. #traintheeye

Wedding photographers have worked hard!! Behind the scenes learning and training their eyes to see what no one else does and this does not come cheap!! There are many workshops that photographers go on to train their eye and learn new skills so they can capture amazing images at your wedding. We regularly attend these workshops and even do our own, sharing knowledge to other Wedding Photographers I have known Wedding workshops to cost up to £2,000 for a 2 day course... WOW!! There's a big hole in the pocket straight away.

2. The after party. #backup #thepartyisnotover

Although most Wedding Photographers will leave shortly after the first dance depending on how many drunk people are throwing shapes. When we get home, our work is not yet complete. To keep your images safe we back them up onto multiple devices so that should something go wrong with the memory cards we have got the images somewhere else. Then the real work begins. working alone without a second shooter I can take up to 2500 photos on a Wedding Day..... I know its CRAZY! Wedding Photographers work through them and pick the best they can find I usually like to have 500 images to work with. Then we go through all the images editing them one by one.

At this point including all of the time spent at your Wedding, Editing the images and time , spent behind the scenes, consultations, preparations ect ect. I would say we are at around 22-28 hours worked.. For a single wedding!!

3. Hours and Hours #allworknoplay

Despite all of the hours put in for a particular Wedding, we also spend numerous hours marketing, communicating with clients, running our business, updating blogs and our Websites and social media platforms.

4. Lets get onto the gear! #photographygear #nikon

Lets start with the obvious!!

Camera, Lenses, Flashes, Memory cards, Batteries, Triggers and other accessories...... OH WAIT!! Did I mention that most Wedding Photographers will have a minimum of 2 of everything!!! Just in case something goes wrong with the first!

Bits and bobs!!

Lets forget about the obvious. Wedding Photographers have little tricks up their sleeves and some that can produce amazing images. Apart from the usual cleaning equipment, We pack some unusual items that you would not expect.

And there is More!!!

We also Carry multiple stands, more lights, and a full box or tricks that can prepare us for the unexpected. I have Wooden hangers, Umbrellas, String, Tie wraps, and other bits 'Just in case'

Oh and my light sabre that entertains the kids and produces amazing light for detail shots such as These!!

so just some other final bits that may go a miss.

  • Computer

  • Software

  • Clothes

  • Fuel

  • Website premiums

  • Other software and operating systems

  • Insurance

  • Sample albums and materials

  • Wedding fayre premiums

I am sure this list could go on and on!!

Whats the moral of the story?

Well there isn't one really, this is just advice and awareness of why you may think a Wedding Photographer is expensive. Please be under no illusion that #WeddingPhotographers are greedy and are after Money Money Money!! We are after a Happy smile on our customers faces when we deliver amazing Images of your #WeddingDay.


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