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My Photography Journey | Wedding photographer Staffordshire

How I got from this first image of my son to the image at my latest shoot of sophee.

This right here is my very first picture I took with a beginner DSLR. A Nikon D5200 and 18-55mm Lens.

It was 2015 and I purchased a new camera to take pictures of my 3 children when we go on holiday.

Fast forward 5 years I am running my own Wedding Photography Business with plans to leave my current job and work my dream job as a Wedding Photographer full time.

Want to know how I got here? Read on!

So how did I get started?

I practised, practised, practised. I used my children as my models and took my camera everywhere! Day trips, to the park, out on walks and sometimes I purposely went out to take photos of them.

These images were taken within 2 years of starting photography. I can tell the ones that were at the end of them two years just by how much I had learned in that small amount of time. Can You?

Every time I would take a photo I would see improvement! I loved it! Looking back they were not the best but they were the best at the time to me.

I even took my camera to the birth of my youngest son Harrison these were 3 years ago!

All things photography...

At this point I thought I was the bomb!! My work to me seemed like the best thing since sliced bread... WOW how wrong I was. But that was good for me!

I started to take photos of everything and anything. Practising studio, pets, insects, landscapes. On the school run I would take my camera and take pictures of plants, trees. This really opened my eyes to what I could actually take pictures of. Around 2 years in I also started to play around with photo editing software such as Photoshop and lightroom.

Here are some examples of what I had taken images of during them two years.

As you can see I literally took pictures of anything and everything. Homing in on new skills that I had learnt from watching countless hours on youtube and reading photography Blogs.

I Tried everything, Studio, photo booth's literally everything photography

I even Shot some business stuff just to get me on the ladder. These included:

Hair salons



Training academy's

The start of my Wedding Photography

So by now you have seen that I was trying everything photography. Some good times and some very bad times. In 2017 I took these, my very first wedding pictures taken at my sisters wedding.

My next wedding experience was an opportunity given to me by my other sister who was also a wedding photographer. She allowed me to tag a long on my very first wedding! Here are some of them images!

Its safe to say I think I found what I had been looking for

A wedding is fast paced, fun, exciting and keeps you on your toes all day and you can be as much or as less creative as you like. After these first two weddings I knew this was the path for me.

I started to advertise and also met an amazing photographer that offered me amazing experience. His name is Craig Clewlow of New Road Photography He took me under his wing and has now become a close friend and has offered me some amazing opportunities.

After shooting a couple of weddings assisting Craig and developing my own style I thought it was time to take a leap and start promoting my own wedding photography.

In a 6 month period I tried everything so many offers and countless hours trying to get business in my direction These are some of the offers that I went trough.

As you can see My business was previously known as Poole's of fun Photography. I changed names in 2020 to give my Photography a more premium feel. Anyway that's jumping ahead 12 months!! So with some of these offers in place I started to see a return for my efforts and I got my first Wedding Booking!!!

This came recommended from a school friend Stevie. My first wedding was at Floral Hall in Tunstall and with newlyweds Mr & Mrs Meakin. Here are some of the images.

Man I loved that wedding and with good reason, I could not of wished for a better couple and guests! AND I got some wicked images!!

Lets fast forward 12 - 18 months

I am now in the process of looking towards the future, hopefully leaving my current job and shooting weddings full time. I help to run an amazing group and a growing association of photographers Judging photography work and help out at workshops run by Craig the photographer I mentioned earlier. Here are some behind the scene shots of his workshops.

If your are a photographer just starting out, a season pro or you are thinking about taking up photography Check out our website for events and our growing community on facebook!!

This blog is mainly targeted to photographers who are just starting out. Those who are at the very beginning and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Learning a skill takes time and mastering that skill will take a lifetime. I am only 5 years in from picking up my first camera and I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in my journey. Could I have done it faster... YES!! would I want to? Possibly... Everyone is different and has different circumstances. All you need is consistency and determination with an end goal in mind!

You can't hit a target that you can not see!!

Has it been easy?

Simple answer... NO!

Would I do it all over again?

Simple answer... Hell YES!!

I would be lying if I said it has been easy. Building a business is HARD! You have to learn so many new skills besides just becoming a photographer. Plus you never stop learning. You have to be at the top of your game 100% of the time and this does not come easy.

keep at it!

Don't give up!

If you want it bad enough you will make it!! Surround yourself with people that thrive and enjoy photography was much as you and you will succeed.

Remember Practise makes perfect!!

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